Comforts Your Aching and Hard-Working Feet

Like other body parts, special care must be given to the feet, since our foot sustains the entire body weight and your legs must hold up to task for functioning to the best of our abilities. Foot Spa therapy is considered to be an ideal and popular way of taking extra care of your feet and making them feel relaxed.

There are various types of Foot Spa Therapies including Simple Foot Spa, Reflexology, Foot Massage, Detox or, Ionic Foot Baths. Simple Foot Spa is done by immersing your feet in warm and salty water for about half-an-hour, so, that all the dirt gets loosened. Then, the feet are rinsed and thereafter, dried with the help of a clean towel. Now, we apply oil to the feet and they are left to relax for the next half-an-hour.

In case of Foot Massage, a relaxing effect is created on the tired feet. This is done manually or mechanically by using hydro-jets. This stimulates blood circulation and also helps in flexibility of reflexes. This results in a highly soothing as well as relaxed feeling. The temperature is maintained at a soothing and warm level.

Environmental and other synthetic tones are all around us. Pollution and other factors, such as hybrid foods that we eat, result in the accumulation of toxins and increase acidic levels in our body. Consequently, Detox or Ionic Baths cleanse waste and toxic products out of the human body and also neutralize the body acidic levels. It is believed that the foot is a channel through which the body tries to cleanse itself by eliminating all the toxins and heavy metals that built up in the body.

A Detox Foot Bath is done by immersing your feet in a saline solution of water. Then, the water is electrically charged via electrodes. Basically, the device is a hydro-galvanic device that helps in natural detoxification of the toxins of the human body. The ionic exchange that happens afterwards causes the body toxins to draw out through the pores in our feet. Foot Spa therapy is a necessity as wells as a luxury due to the hectic lifestyle of everybody these days. Several companies have manufactured various products for conducting Foot Spa treatment at home.

Foot Spa therapy helps to avoid various foot problems, such as fungus growth, bacterial infections and keeps your feet smooth and clean. It also assists in treatment of pains, lethargy, insomnia, lack of appetite, etc. Most importantly, this improves mental clarity and mental relaxation due to stimulation of memory and better sleep. It even cures your headache.