No pain, no gain

Waxing is an effective method meant for removing large amounts of hair at one time. In case of hot waxing, a thin layer of heated wax is applied to the skin in the hair growth direction. The hair becomes embedded in the wax as it cools and gets hardened. The wax, thereafter, is pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, hence, peeling off the uprooted hair with it. Cold waxes work in a similar manner. Strips that are precoated with wax are pressed on the skin in the hair growth direction and pulled off in the other direction. The strips are available in varying sizes for use on the upper lip, eyebrows, upper lip, chin and bikini area.

Waxing is considered to be a temporary method of hair removal that removes the hair at the root. New hairs don’t grow back in the waxed area for three to eight weeks. You can wax almost any area of the body, including eyebrows, bikini area, face, legs, arms, feet, back and abdomen. Waxing is not only for women, but also good for men.

Today’s trends in fashion, men wax their bodies for cosmetic reasons. The concept of waxing for removing your bodily hair has its origin in ancient Egypt where the wives of Royalty as well as the well-to-do felt that hair removal is a way to remain young and beautiful forever. This concept continued all over the world also with the Greeks and Turks.

Most waxes consist of paraffin or beeswax in some proportional mixture. These also comprise fats or natural oils, and a specially designed resin, so that the wax clings to the skin. A few brands of wax add Vitamin E or other supplements. If you are thinking of trying waxing, the very first step for both males and females is to decide whether you want to use the “cold” or “hot” wax technique.

Don't make a habit of licking your lips, especially if they're feeling dry, because this only aggravates the problem. Resist the urge with this bit of knowledge - after you wet your lips, the air around you dries them again, this time even taking more moisture out of your lips than they would have originally lost to natural evaporation.

Post Waxing Skin Treatment is the most important. You may apply a non-perfumed moisturizer to the area treated by wax. Moisturizers which are fortified with Aloe Vera and/or Vitamin B are also ideal. For a minimum time-period of 24 hours after waxing, you should avoid using a spa or, hot tub, swimming, sunbathing, applying perfume, deodorant or aftershave to the area being treated. Waxing is the best solution meant for the temporary removal of unwanted hair but, you need to be tough enough for bearing a little pain. Some of the hair professional experts recommend professional waxing for more effective results.