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Truth About Beauty Products and How to Get Around it

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So you go to the store, browse through the beauty products lined up there and pick one up by the big name company being advertised heavily all over. You start using it with hopes of rejuvenating your skin and getting its lost health and vigor back. But what do you really get? Another disappointment.

This is the sad truth about most beauty products out there. It’s really difficult to find good skin creams and lotions that actually deliver on their promise of a beautiful skin.

Why is it so? Here are the facts.

You need to understand one thing about these big companies – their bottom line is what matters to them most; producing high quality products and benefiting the end customer comes much lower on their list of priorities.

This is why they use inferior ingredients like Parabens, Mineral Oil and Fragrances in their products.

Parabens are used as effective preservatives in these products. Fact is – they can lead to serious health problems like Cancer in the long run. This is the reason the European Union has banned their use in cosmetics products. But they still continue to be used in the US because of a lack of similar regulations.

Mineral Oil is also a chemical and is derived during the process of gasoline distillation. Although it is used as a moisturizing agent, the irony is – this oil actually makes the skin even drier than before its use. Long term, its usage will make your skin rough, dry and prone to damage.

Fragrances are added to beauty products to make them more appealing. What is also true is – they are also chemicals and can lead to skin allergies and irritation.

Now that you know this, you can see why most skin creams do not benefit your skin at all.

The Solution
A simple answer to these chemicals is to instead use only natural substances on your skin. Now, don’t worry, I’m not asking you to go out and start hunting for difficult to find natural substances all over the place.

There are some ethical companies out there that care for their customers and produce only high quality products containing natural ingredients only. Using such beauty products is a very simple way of avoiding all the side effects of chemical based creams and keeping your skin naturally healthy and beautiful.

What Every Alpha Male Knows About Beautiful

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In today’s world, there are two tips of women: the ones that are attractive and ones who are not. Of course, everyone wants to have a beautiful girlfriend, with nice face, good body and lot of style. But, before you start with chasing hot girls, you should know a few things about them. Things that know every Alpha male.

Sometimes you probably heard that beautiful girls are lonely. That’s true. They are surrounded by people all the time, but still they are really lonely. People like to be in their presence because their beauty and popularity, not because their personality. They have very little true friends and even often, don’t have one real friend, who understand and listen to her.

Usually, they are very cocky, non-communicative and spoiled. All time they talk just about her selves, always must be in the center of every happening and never gets ‘no’ for the answer when ask for something. And, what is most important, everyone is cool with that. That is not OK and that is not nice. So, I’m going to tell you a few secrets how to switch positions with that cocky female. This is still men world and there’s no place for that behavior.

The first thing that you should be aware, you must not be nervous about any female, especially around beautiful one. She can smell a fear from a mile away, and you won’t have any chance. Alternatively, you will come out like a beta male, and she will see you like a friend. Don’t be afraid to tell her what you think, what you want, or what you don’t like. Feel free to criticize her when she deserves that.

Never compliment their physical look. Don’t forget that. Forget every compliment about their beautiful hair, eyes, body, face, legs… everyone does that. You can’t even imagine how much compliments one gorgeous girl gets in just one day. She must deserve a compliment, and that compliment should be something about her personality. However, in general, you should avoid compliments, because she knows she is beautiful and attractive, everyone tells her that. Be different.

However, if you really want to be surrounded with gorgeous females, you also must be a real man, an Alpha male. When you become an Alpha male, that beautiful girl will come to you. If you’re ready to take your journey to a new, better life, I believe this is what you’re looking for. Good luck and go for those beauties!

Must Know Facts About Beauty Skin Care Products For the Best Skin

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Ah, the good old days! When things were simple and it wasn’t such a struggle to keep your skin in shape and beautiful. When beauty skin care products did what they said and there wasn’t so much pollution or free radicals going around that you had to worry about them.

While those days are not likely to come back any time soon, it doesn’t mean all is lost. Proper beauty skin care can still be done, you just need to know how.

So the first thing to do is to start shielding your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. Avoid heavy pollution and protect your face using a scarf or a handkerchief. Wearing a hat and sun glasses will prevent damage to your skin by the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Your diet is also an important factor in determining the health and beauty of your skin. Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will provide it all the vitamins, minerals and proteins needed to stay in shape.

Finally, using the right skin care products is of paramount importance. Use the wrong ones – containing chemicals inside – and all your other precautions will come to naught.

These chemical laden creams damage your skin in the long term and should be avoided at all costs.

What you really need are creams containing natural ingredients like Phytessence Wakame.

This sea kelp from Japan is a very effective beauty ingredient. It nourishes the skin with vitamin B complex and minerals like iron, calcium and potassium. As a matter of fact, the calcium content of this kelp is 15 times that of milk, so it’s very beneficial for the skin. Apart from keeping the skin nourished and healthy, it also protects it from age spot formation by shielding against the Ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 or CoQ10 as it is also called, is a powerful anti oxidant. It prevents the free radicals from damaging the Collagen fibers in the skin, and so prevents the formation of lines and wrinkles in the skin. It is a strong anti wrinkle ingredient.

Babassu is another beauty skin care ingredient to look forward to. This is a light, natural wax derived from the Babassu palm, found in the Amazon region of Brazil. It moisturizes and soothes the skin, giving it a velvety feel. It balances the moisture in the skin and prevents it from becoming too oily or dry – which is just what’s needed to keep acne in check.

So go ahead and find out a good beauty skin care cream containing these amazing ingredients. Your skin will never be the same again.

About Beauty Product Packaging

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Every single month a fresh new product launch takes the industry by storm. We have an obsession with skincare items and our cabinets are now spilling with dozens of half used bottoms. We’re always waiting for the next great thing that claims miracles to stock on our shelves. There isn’t just dry, oily, and sensitive skin types this day in age. Nope, those terms are merely at the top of the pyramid of skin care products.

Extensive studies are conducted in order to zone in on key specific areas you want to focus on. Needs are tailored to suit very distinct results. Finding products that actually work can be a bit of chore, because finding that gem of an item takes leg work.

Before I go any further let me just say, expensive does not always define good.

1. Look for items with a short ingredient list.
Federal law states that ingredient lists must start with the ingredient that is of the highest concentration followed down to the lowest. If you’re searching for one particular ingredient then take a look at the list and see where it falls. If it’s way at the bottom the likelihood of it actually being effective is no likely. The other problem with using an abundance of substances is the concentration of individual amounts reduces. Ingredients are getting lost amongst each other.

2. If you can’t read the ingredient then you might want to skip it.
We’re not all chemistry majors. We put so many chemicals on our skin it’s almost scary. After you complete the skincare regime, make-up application, and hair prep women have applied over 20 different chemicals and you haven’t left the house!

3. Industry PHRASES TO tempt YOU
Common words used on packaging like “Hypoallergenic”, “100% Natural”, “Sensitive for all skin Types”, etc are used as a marketing strategy. The FDA (Foods and Drug Association) has passed none. Be aware they are all sneaky marketing moves created by the beauty industry.

All items include at the least 1 or two substances are the primary reason a product does what it claims to achieve. The inactive substances are just there to help, not interfere, with its effectiveness. Some natural skin care products contain 90% of active ingredient with a mere 10% a make-up of the inactive ingredients. As an example, in case you’re looking for a solution to deal with acne, you might search for items that contain salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. If you’re searching for a normal skin option try out green tea, lavender oil, or Vitamin E.

It’s not likely reputable stores will carry expired products, but you’ll just want to double check before buying. For the most part companies manage the inventory with sales reps that travel to stores on a regular basis. If you’re buying natural merchandise remember that they will expire much sooner than chemical based products. Preservatives are usually added to chemical based products, which gives them a longer shelf life.

If you decide to take the step over to the world of natural beauty products you will probably find at least 1/3 of your cabinet space frees up. This is because most natural products are multi-purpose. For instance, I use jojoba oil as a moisturizer, but can also use it to remove my eye make-up. With most oils (like Coconut oil) they can be used over your entire body, as well as the face. Just as a side note, Coconut Oil is also a great sun tan lotion.

All About Beauty

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Beauty is not skin deep. It’s attitude that separates the beauty from the crowd. “Looking at beauty in the world, is the first step of purifying the mind.” The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. All women are beautiful, regardless of their looks. You just need to touch their soul with respect and appreciation for their inner beauty and you will be rewarded with joy. The heart is way more important than the package.

I love natural beauty, and I think it’s your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so trans-formative. I would never like to endorse a fairness cream. I believe in natural beauty.

True beauty can’t shine through make-up. Many of us can’t even imagine our life without makeup. It sounds strange and even scary for many girls, thanks to media popularization of unrealistic beauty standards. To be beautiful without makeup?! Is it even possible?!

For many of us it would be a big nonsense even to go to a supermarket with no makeup on.

Media often forces us to believe that a woman with no makeup on can’t actually look somewhat attractive or beautiful.

If someone wants to live a makeup-free life, or at least to be able to have makeup-free days, then it makes sense to put a little bit more effort into caring about the natural beauty of your face, hair and body.

1) Feel beautiful (even without makeup)
Yes, first step to natural, makeup-free beauty is connected with your inner perception of yourself – your self image. If a girl considers herself beautiful and is able to accept herself totally and unconditionally, then the whole world will feel the same about her. Yes, it’s that simple!
But if you don’t feel comfortable and confident about yourself with no makeup on, try to adapt the new ‘natural’ image gradually.

2) Your skin is your everything!
If you decide to lead a makeup-free life, it doesn’t mean that you need to completely let go of all skin care products. Many skin problems are actually related to the excessive use of makeup; skin tone becomes uneven because of the reaction of your body on a foundation, concealer or blush. If skin problems persist, get a professional advice of a dermatologist; it’s better to treat the problem straight away, than to put it on hold into a waiting box. Some other tips for the beauty of your skin include: use facial masks 2 or 3 times a week (choose masks according to your skin type), and exfoliate your skin regularly (we are not only talking about exfoliating your facial skin, exfoliate your whole body.

3) Healthy eating and water
Good food is important not only for the beauty of our skin, but also for the overall health of our body.

We are what we eat, therefore healthy and balanced diet should be our faithful, lifelong friend.

Make sure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, as well as healthy fats and proteins; these are so important for our beauty.

And, of course, our best friend is water! Try to drink about 8 glasses of water a day and also treat yourself with a green or white tea from time to time, because these are rich in antioxidants and will help your skin look fresh and young for a very long time, even without makeup.

4) Smile and love yourself
Smile will instantly help you to feel and look pretty, even if you don’t have any makeup on!

As Audrey Hepburn once said: “The prettiest girl is the happiest one!” Smile every time you look in the mirror, smile to people you see on the street and, in general, let smile be your favorite accessory – you will see how the whole world will start smiling back at you!

Love yourself. Accept yourself fully and completely. Love the way you look with or without makeup, because you are truly unique and beautiful! Remember it!

5) What about your hair?
If you want to look pretty with no makeup on – it’s important to take a good care of your hair and keep your hair color close to natural.

Try to keep your hair in great condition by using right hair care products that are suitable for your hair type, and do hair masks and oil treatments regularly. Nothing can be more beautiful than silky and shiny locks!

Things to Know About Beauty Products

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Make up and beauty products are always in demand. It helps women look good and attractive and also increases their fashion quotient. What exactly are these beauty products made up of? Lately, a number of skin care products have been under the scrutiny. Controversies range from these products having harmful ingredients to them not really being effective. The beauty product industry has been very popular with women who look for the latest products to improve their appearance. New products are introduced almost every day. They provide a steady stream of conversations about which product has the magic ingredient that creates beauty, improves health and produces long life.

Does the debate really hold some truth? It’s time to consider and ponder.

1. It’s not that harmful

In the present world, you need to do makeup the right way. Be it for parties, offices or get-together, women apply makeup all the time. We have come a long way since the times when skin care products had ingredients like aniline dyer used for coloring lashes that had serious side effects, which included blindness. Today, it’s not the same.

2. It needs to be safeguarded

It’s really very important that strong laws are passed so that the makeup and cosmetics industry is well-regulated. This includes monitoring and controlling manufacturing, to the kind of material these beauty products are made up of and studying whether they have any side-effects. Proper regulations can help.

3. The labelling

The label marked on the beauty and makeup products is very important as it tells you about the ingredients the product. Many times, if you are allergic or hypersensitive to a component you won’t use it. So, it’s important to read it carefully before buying it so that it suits you and it is safe.

4. Phthalate’s?

Recently, critics have raised concerns that phthalate’s are harmful as they interfere with the normal functioning of hormones. However, the quantity used is so minimal it hasn’t shown any negative effects at all when tested. So, it doesn’t make cosmetics harmful and can be used as much as reasonably considered save by your doctor.

5. Storing the product

Store the products as instructed on the label. Generally, eye solutions and creams are supposed to be stored in proper solutions and in cool temperatures so that it doesn’t get spoiled.

Don’t forget to consider buying a designer bag with your skin care products. While looking good is important, you need to carry yourself well too. Designer bags help you to do just that and can be bought online. You can choose one that fits your needs.

What You Should Know About Beauty

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How far would you go in order to look younger?

Would you have stem cells, harvested from foetal tissue injected into your body, in order to make your body younger? The theory behind this is that the stem cells would seek out damaged or dead cells in your body and replace them, regenerating your body from within. They also release growth factors that stimulate your body to repair itself more efficiently.

For one thing, this industry (stem cell injections) is not regulated. What if things go wrong? What if the cells injected are genetically incompatible with the recipient and some disease develops instead. What if you get an allergic reaction to the proteins in the injected cells? How safe is it?

By the way, where do these stem cells come from? From the placenta of newborn foetuses, or from aborted foetuses? Are the stem cells from foetuses that impoverished women were paid to carry, in order to harvest the foetus for 8 to 12 weeks, after which the foetus is harvested for stem cell injections?

Stem cell research has many uses. Mainly for more serious medical conditions like spinal cord injuries, juvenile diabetes and Parkinsons disease, among many incurable conditions. Some people feel that its use in beauty is frivolous when so many people are suffering from very real, incurable diseases.

Embryonic stem cells come from human embryos that are still clumps of cells. These embryonic stem cells can become any type of cell in the body, in limitless quantities. These are the most promising stem cells used in research, in the search of cures for otherwise incurable diseases or conditions.

Adult stem cells which are already tissue specific can make one or two types of cells and only in limited quantities. These are currently used to treat leukemia and some blood disorders.

A less controversial, yet rejuvenating alternative, is the use of placental cells for beauty treatments. These are harvested from the discarded placenta of newborn fetuses, hence no fetus is killed in order to obtain these cells.

The use of placental cells in beauty has been around for years. Plazan skincare [http://www.getyouthful.com/Plazan-Skincare.htm] uses extracts from the otherwise discarded placenta or afterbirth of newborn babies. It is a case of waste not want not. The placenta is rich in growth factors,DNA, RNA amino acids, peptides, vitamins and basically everything your cells need for rejuvenation. Celebs like J.Lo credit plazan for their youthful skin.

About Beauty Clinics

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Many beauty clinics these days offer more than just waxing and facials. Non-invasive treatments can remove uneven pigmentation in the skin, spider veins and unwanted hair, or even plump your lips and reduce wrinkles. The key is finding the right clinic for you, and we’re here to show you how to do just that.

Types of beauty and cosmetic clinics

There’s a big difference between a beauty clinic that offers the usual treatments, such as facials, body wraps and scrubs and hair removal, and cosmetic clinics, which offer more permanent solutions. For one, the therapists are trained differently, and many of the treatments in the traditional beauty clinics, while very enjoyable, offer only fleeting benefits.

Cosmetic clinics, on the other hand, offer a range of permanent treatments that enhance not only health but also beauty. These include laser treatments, so the staff must be fully trained to use the equipment.

Laser treatments are increasingly popular because they offer a safe and cost effective way to enhance beauty in a myriad of ways: spider veins can be permanently removed without surgery and minimal discomfort, freckles and sun spots can be removed, and hair in almost any part of the body can be permanently reduced.

Cosmetic clinics also offer a range of other treatments, including micro dermabrasion, and lip enhancement and wrinkle injections. Again, staff need to be fully trained in order to perform these.

How to choose the right cosmetic clinic

A good cosmetic clinic that performs any of the above procedures will have a staff of registered nurses. They are there to ensure all of the procedures are performed correctly, administer any anaesthetic if needed and assess whether or not you are suitable for the treatments. If they are going to operate a laser, they should also have Laser Safety Officer Accreditation, along with full tertiary qualifications.

Aside from the important credentials, it’s also important that the clinic have a team of friendly staff that are on hand to answer any of your questions or concerns. A good clinic will also ensure good follow up.

Information on the services offered by cosmetic clinics

Any clinic that is performing injections, laser therapy and other more complicated procedures should have readily available information on all their services offered. When looking for a clinic, make sure they have a website with up-to-date information. If you don’t have access to the Internet, make sure they have brochures that cover all of your questions and staff that are on hand to answer any others you might have.

Lastly, make sure they have information on the accreditation of their staff, and the possible complications that might be associated with each treatment. While many of them are completely safe, it still helps to be informed about all aspects of your treatment.

All You Need To Know About Beauty

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If you are the owner of a salon, you would not be unfamiliar with the idea of beauty salon smocks. Smocks are the loose-fitted jackets or similar piece of clothing you almost always observe stylists and beauticians wearing. They not only give the salon a white collar atmosphere but also create the illusion of a businesslike ambiance that all of us fall in love with.

What Do They Do?

Beauty salon smocks safeguard against various strong chemicals that are used to color hair in different and unique shades of blondes, browns, auburns and blacks. Unconventional colors are also used for streaking purposes, but the stain of these strong chemicals does not wash away easily from clothes. Hence, stylists have an undeniable need to wear a resistant piece of cloth to avoid the harsh spilling of chemicals and stains on their outfits. These beauty salon smocks also have the built in ability to resist water, hair and other such mixtures of various chemicals.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing It?

There are numerous benefits offered by the beauty salon smock. It gives stylists the means to look fashionable since they come in all kinds of fabrics, designs and cuts. Stylists have the luxury of maximum number of options and they are allowed to select whichever type works for them. Beauty salon smocks come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; long ones, short ones and sleeveless kinds are only a few to name. For the most part, salon smocks are offered with a little too many pockets to permit the beautician to carry her tools with an increased level of ease.

Due to this God sent creation, stylists are able to walk to their home without any vestige of clients’ hair on their clothes. With making the job of a stylist easy, they also make her look stylish and flattering at the same time. This uplifts the innovation of a stylist and also assists her in trouble-free movement due to the not-so-complicated designs offered in these smocks.

Different Types Of Saloon Smocks

There is a specific type of salon smock for every single activity that is carried out inside a spa. A distinct smock is used for shampooing and a different one is used for styling. Mostly they are available in the color of black which flatters the body of the stylists and also makes them look more appealing than they look conventionally. This is a very versatile form of dressing and can be adapted to be used in different walks of life. For instance, one may use it as an apron when working inside the kitchen and as a smock if you are in the confines of your spa. There are countless varieties of fabric in which beauty salon smocks are available. The choices can range from anywhere between nylon and polyester cotton. In addition to this, beauty salon smocks are also offered in discounted prices to keep the cost of the over-all running of the spa as minimal as possible.

What’s the Big Deal About Beautiful

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Do you feel beautiful? For many long years I felt anything but. Self-conscious, yes. But beautiful? Please. Today I can easily say that I am beautiful and fully embrace what that means. You may be asking yourself why I am calling myself beautiful, so read on. And trust me, it’s NOT about my ego because I want you to be able to say “I am beautiful” too!

After working with women intimately, getting into their closets, seeing them try on clothing and helping them put themselves together in a way that brings out their best, I’ve discovered it is self-image that holds them back and keeps them from seeing themselves as beautiful. In our culture, it isn’t common for women to see themselves as beautiful or even accept that they are attractive. Women somehow feel that they can’t accept a compliment and they brush it off without a thought because they don’t feel deserving of it. But the irony is that by rejecting compliments, you’re rejecting your own beauty. When you’re able to accept yourself as the gorgeous woman you truly are, everything changes.

But why do I want you to see yourself as beautiful? Why not just nice, pretty or mildly attractive? Because when you’re beautiful, you’re being the best you can be. You’re tapping into what makes you stand out and you feel a stronger connection to yourself. It’s not merely superficial, but something that goes to your very core.

Think of a ripe, juicy orange ready to burst, a gorgeous rose in full bloom or an amazing, colorful sunset. They are in their full glory, at their best because that’s the way they were made. Nature didn’t create them to play small and only show half of their brilliance, just like God didn’t create you to hold yourself small and keep your gifts hidden. Yet, as beautiful as the orange, the rose and the sunset are, they are not without imperfections – the orange may have a blemish or two on its skin, the rose has its prickly thorns and the view of the sunset may be obscured by the trees. However, these imperfections do not take away from their beauty, but serve to make it more real to us. It is with these imperfections that our humanity is reflected. We are not perfect beings and for us to criticize ourselves because of our imperfections is for us to deny our humanity. Look past the imperfections and your true beauty will be revealed. When you can see your true beauty, despite what you consider to be your imperfections, you light the way for others to begin to see their own beauty.

Looking and feeling beautiful is about being in touch with who you are and reflecting your essence in how you present yourself to the world. It’s a level of self-confident assurance as much as it is a personal style. It’s that way of being that says “This is who I am. Take it or leave it.” With this self-assuredness, you can bet everyone around you will want to connect with you and be a part of your secret. They’ll want what you have, that certain something that they just can’t put their finger on. You’ll inspire them to find it in themselves, just by being you!