Not Just All About Beauty

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Everything about the HTC Legend is all about beauty. One look at this beautifully designed mobile touch screen mobile phone and you will surely appreciate the art put into its design. When it comes to features and functionality, this Android phone will never disappoint. It has all the modern features that you will surely enjoy.

Beautiful Display

With a 3.2 inch capacitive AMOLED touch screen, you are sure to enjoy the visual beauty this phone has to offer. With a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels, you are sure to enjoy your images and videos in rich colors. With this screen, you are sure to notice every minute detail.

Beauty Mixed With Power

This may be a beautiful mobile phone to look at, but it also has a lot of power to offer. You could say that this phone is not only about looks. With a 600 MHz processor, 384 MB RAM, and 512 MB ROM, running applications and functions on this mobile phone will definitely run without a hitch.

All of this power will need an efficient management system. The Legend is equipped with an Android 2.1 (Éclair) mobile platform coupled with HTC Sense. This simply means that this mobile platform will surely make everything run smoothly. Your mobile applications will run perfectly; internet access will be much faster, and you are sure that the HTC Legend will never leave you hanging.

The Beauty Of Complete Multimedia Functions

This phone is not only beauty and style; it is all about fun as well. With this phone you can easily view images and videos taken with its 5 MP colored camera with a Photos application. With this application, viewing and watching has never been this easy.

When music is concerned, the HTC Legend not only has one option but two. You can play your music tracks in an assortment of audio formats. If you feel the need to listen to the radio, there is no more need to look for a separate FM radio. This phone has an integrated FM radio that will allow you to listen to the news, sports, the latest hits, and you favorite DJ.

The Beauty Of Socializing

With high speed internet capabilities, you are sure to be able to keep in touch, participate in discussions, and socialize with people around the world on your favorite social network.

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