What’s the Big Deal About Beautiful

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Do you feel beautiful? For many long years I felt anything but. Self-conscious, yes. But beautiful? Please. Today I can easily say that I am beautiful and fully embrace what that means. You may be asking yourself why I am calling myself beautiful, so read on. And trust me, it’s NOT about my ego because I want you to be able to say “I am beautiful” too!

After working with women intimately, getting into their closets, seeing them try on clothing and helping them put themselves together in a way that brings out their best, I’ve discovered it is self-image that holds them back and keeps them from seeing themselves as beautiful. In our culture, it isn’t common for women to see themselves as beautiful or even accept that they are attractive. Women somehow feel that they can’t accept a compliment and they brush it off without a thought because they don’t feel deserving of it. But the irony is that by rejecting compliments, you’re rejecting your own beauty. When you’re able to accept yourself as the gorgeous woman you truly are, everything changes.

But why do I want you to see yourself as beautiful? Why not just nice, pretty or mildly attractive? Because when you’re beautiful, you’re being the best you can be. You’re tapping into what makes you stand out and you feel a stronger connection to yourself. It’s not merely superficial, but something that goes to your very core.

Think of a ripe, juicy orange ready to burst, a gorgeous rose in full bloom or an amazing, colorful sunset. They are in their full glory, at their best because that’s the way they were made. Nature didn’t create them to play small and only show half of their brilliance, just like God didn’t create you to hold yourself small and keep your gifts hidden. Yet, as beautiful as the orange, the rose and the sunset are, they are not without imperfections – the orange may have a blemish or two on its skin, the rose has its prickly thorns and the view of the sunset may be obscured by the trees. However, these imperfections do not take away from their beauty, but serve to make it more real to us. It is with these imperfections that our humanity is reflected. We are not perfect beings and for us to criticize ourselves because of our imperfections is for us to deny our humanity. Look past the imperfections and your true beauty will be revealed. When you can see your true beauty, despite what you consider to be your imperfections, you light the way for others to begin to see their own beauty.

Looking and feeling beautiful is about being in touch with who you are and reflecting your essence in how you present yourself to the world. It’s a level of self-confident assurance as much as it is a personal style. It’s that way of being that says “This is who I am. Take it or leave it.” With this self-assuredness, you can bet everyone around you will want to connect with you and be a part of your secret. They’ll want what you have, that certain something that they just can’t put their finger on. You’ll inspire them to find it in themselves, just by being you!

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